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Sexual Violence Legal Support Service (SVLSS)

Interested in becoming involved with The Journey Project?

The Journey Project’s Sexual Violence Legal Support Service (SVLSS) is a collaboration between the Journey Project team and trained lawyers who are interested in supporting survivors of sexual violence.

What is the SVLSS and how does it work?

The SVLSS offers survivors of sexual violence up to 4 hours of free-to-them legal advice from trained lawyers. Survivors who wish to access this service first contact a team member at the Journey Project who will match them with a lawyer who is available and able to provide advice in their area of inquiry. The Journey Project maintains a roster of lawyers who provide legal advice to clients referred by the program.

Who is the SVLSS for?

The SVLSS is available to persons 16 years of age or older who have experienced sexual violence and either currently reside in the province or experienced sexual violence in the province.

What would I be committing to?

Lawyers who wish to participate in this program must agree to:

  • Complete a free half-day training session on working with survivors of sexual violence through a trauma-informed lens (training can be offered throughout the province);
  • Consult with clients in person where feasible, with the option of also agreeing to consult via telephone and/or via video conferencing in order to ensure accessibility;
  • Participate in the evaluation of this program through contact with the Journey Project team.

Will I be paid?

Lawyers will be compensated at Legal Aid rates for their time spent directly consulting with clients referred by the Legal Support Navigators. Lawyers from all regions of the province are encouraged to participate!

How do I reach out?

We invite interested lawyers to register for this program or request additional information by contacting the Legal Support Navigation team at 709-722-2805 or